Alfred Lord Tennyson
In 1850, Alfred Lord Tennyson was selected to become Poet Laureate of England. In 1859, his publication of the first poems of "Idylls of the Kings" sold over 10,000 copies in one month. However, Tennyson was very shy, and his early life wasn't quite normal. Tennyson was born in Somersby, Lincolnshire, England. His father suffered from alcoholism and had violent disputes with Tennyson's brother. Also another one of his brothers was taken to an insane asylum and another became an opium addict.

In 1827, Tennyson and his brother Charles caught the attention of the "Apostles" (a literary club lead by Arthur Hallam) with their publication of "Poems By Two Brothers." Tennyson and Hallam soon became the best of friends. Tragically, Hallam died in 1833. Many of Tennyson's poems are inspired by Hallam.

Tennyson’s poems usualy have an ABCB rhyme scheme. They were the most popular pieces of writing in his time.

Break, Break, Break


By Alfred Lord Tennyson
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Break, break, break,
On thy cold gray stones, O Sea!
And I would that my tongue could utter
the thoughts that arise in me.
O, well for the fisherman's boy,
That he shouts with his sister at play!
O, well for the sailor lad,
That he sings in his boat on the bay!
the stately ships go on
To their haven under the hill;
But O for the touch of a vanished hand,
And the sound of a voice that is still!
Break, break, break,
At the foot of thy crags, O Sea!
But the tender grace of a day that is dead
Will never come back to me.
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I read Break, by Alfred Lord Tennyson, I was captivated by the beauty, mystery and sorrow that Tennyson portrayed. What stands out the most to me in this poem is the lines break, This line makes me picture ocean waves crashing against a towering rocky cliff. I also like the lines the stately ships go on To their haven under the This makes me think that all the boats and ships are taking shelter from a storm in the distance. I can best connect to the line O for the touch of a vanished When ever I go sailing on my dad's boat, I feel a strange connection to the river, as if some invisible force is holding me, and pulling my spirit away out to sea. A realy great literary device that Tennyson uses is shown in the line the tender grace of a day that is Tennyson uses exelent prsonification when describing the as I feel that this line is so powerful because Tennyson describes one verb with two opposites. Most poets don't do that --however-- it is very effective. Over all, I found this poem to be increadibly powerfull, and subtly sad. Alfred Lord Tennyson clearly proves his tittle as Poet Laureate.