Edgar Allan Poe:external image is?hTr9bDpFbftsqQPFDKm_5xHhZPDRAUkGfp55k0bFF5s

  • Place of Birth: Boston Massachusetts

  • Born- Junuary19 1809

  • Died-October 7 1849


  • Poe's mother and father were both professional actors

  • Parents died before poe was 3 years old

  • Frances Allan was poes faster father

  • poe grew up in Richwood Virginia

  • Poe attended the best boarding schools

  • Poe went to the University of Virginia

  • Allan refused to pay for his gambling debts Which cuased poe to leave the university

  • 1827 poe enlisted in the u.s.a army

  • Poe was admited to the untied states military academy but he was forced to leave due to his financial support.

  • Poe moved to Baltimore Marland into his aunts house Mrs.maria clamm and his duaghter virginia

  • Began to sell short stories to magizines

  • 1835 poe became editier of the Southern Liteary Messanger in Richwood

  • 1836 poe married 13 year old virginia

  • Poe established him self as a poet ,short-story writter and an editor

  • Returned to Rich wood in 1849 and he set out an editing job in philadelphia

Poes Poems and short stories:

  • Tamerlane and other poems that were established in 1827

  • Poems in 1831

  • The Raven in 1845

  • Eureka:a Prose poem 1848

  • Berenice 1835

  • Ligeia 1838

  • The Fall Of The House Of Usher 1839

  • Talls of the grotesque and Arabesque 1939

  • mureders In The rue Morgue 1841

  • The Black Cat1843

  • The Tell Tale Heart 1843

  • The Purloined letter 1845external image is?nI_Z8ie1uP6bLKx766wis6ZCAWhMBb6L2osNKrOhn08

  • The Cask Of Amotillado 1846


Edgar Allan Poe poems

He wrote the poem Evening Star


The top tought on my brain as I read the poem for the first time were, that Poe is missing somebody or that he is admiring a shiny star on the dark night sky."I gazed awhile; On her smile" (lines 9&10). It explains how Poe admires the star and how he images a face on the star that it smiled at him. " 'Mid planets her slaves" (line 6). Showing how much love there is for the star and that the planets ador her. Over all the poem is expresing the peace, love,beauty and respect he felt for Virginia (her cousin/ wife). As I read the '"Evening Star" I emagined a single star on the night, that star shining more then the others. The star would show that is especial and that the world in on her hands. Surrounded by planets the love her and look upon her all the time. One sky, one single star the will shy and nobody will be able to stop it. I visualiced the poem that way beacause of the description Poe gave to us and the way it was layed out it extended out how he felt about Virginia.

Edgar allan poe Poem reflection: http://quotations.about.com/cs/poemlyrics/a/Edgar_Allan_Poe.htm ( The Frist Poem)

This poem Is Really sad and thoughtful in a way, Its sad becuse poe talks about a love lost and how he cant sleep and wounders around thinking about his love.I think this poem is thoughtful becuase he cant even sleep at night thinking about his love.What i most liked about the poem is the way that he describes that he cant sleep and he wounders at midnight thinking about her.i like this poem becuase if someone had a crush on me and said things to me like that it would be very pleacing to hear that.this Poem is about love and by this poem you can infer that poe didnot have a lot of luck in love.