Hello future 6th graders! What an exciting time for you all! Though you may be filled with the excitement of transitioning to middle school you are probably also filled with some fear and anxiety as well. No worries though - this page is filled with survival tips from 6th grade students who have felt exactly as you are feeling now. Many students expressed as they were creating these presentations that they had wished something like this was available to them when they were moving to the 6th grade. Please view the attached powerpoints - they have lots of interesting stories, personal experiences, and survival tips that will help you navigate through your 6th grade experience as successfully as they did. Enjoy!!

Maddie W.6th Grade Survival Prezi

Kaitlyn M.


Olivia S.

Alyssa B.

Sarah P.

Jonathan R.

Will H.

Christy T.

Maddie C.

Katie M.

Maggee C.

Caleb B.

Rachel C.

Sam W.

Sarah P.

Audrey L.

Alyssa T.

Yancey P.