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Jason Status: Getting married! Can't wait to be king! :)
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A Young Wife
June 18
Son of Aeson
Women, Fame, Royalty, Playing Guitar
1080 Dynami Rd, Athens, Greece

Medea: I can't believe that you would do something like this! You're a jerk!
Jason: What are you talking about? I'm doing what's best for MY kids.
Medea: You mean OUR kids. All you're doing is being selfish and and doing what's best for you.
Jason: Stupid woman! You will see! They will be taken care of whether you are or not!
Creon: How are things going buddy?
Jason: Not so great. Medea is being her normal wicked self. She causes so many issues.
Creon: Do you need me to do something about her?
Jason: Actually, that's be great Creon. Nothing I do will make her leave me alone.
Princess: I can't wait for you to be all mine!
Jason: Me either! Not much longer and you will be mine forever! :)
Princess: Hopefully that old ugly wife of yours will leave us alone!
Jason: She will my love. She will soon be handled. I promise.
Character Bio:
Hello my name is Jason, I was born in Greece. I was raised there, by my guardian centaur Cheiron. He took me in after my mom had got imprisoned. My whole life I was hiding from my uncle, Pelias, who wants to hurt me basically. A man who stands underneath me and wants what I have. Relunctantly, we didn't know what lies ahead of us, and in fact it was an adventerous road to be honest. I found great allies but sure enough Pelias drove us apart, and I relied on them more than anything. I've gone on many adventures in my life, but none like the one I went on when I met a evil woman named Madea. I came to the throne of which was rivally mine, and asked for it, I was told no, so I offered to obtain the Golden Felice for the throne in exchange. Thanks to that oppurtunity I was able to come back, but Creon despised Madea. Creon wouldn't let them pass, so I asked Madea to help me and so she did. What she didn't know was that I was actually having an affair, I'm ashamed to admit it, but it's very true. A young, beautiful woman, a princess I fell in love with. I decided to leave Madea and marry this new, young woman, but Madea would not leave me alone. So I asked Creon for a little help, and because he didn't appreciate that witch on his land he dealt with her. But in the end, she only took from me and did not help me in anyway. She stole the lifes I brought into this world, and it aches me to this day. But at least I can say I was a prince of Greece, married to a beautiful and young woman and I had one heck of an adventure.
Athens GA
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Georgia Tech
Marital Status:
Married and unhappy
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Jason is a fan of: Korn, Treasure Island, Pirates of the Carribean, National Treasure, country, rock, Greek food, sight seeing, soccer, swimming, rugby, trucks, myths, Gods, Godesses, gold, silver, jewelry, adventure.

Quotations: "Sometimes you have to let go of the one you love to find out if there is something there." "What goes around comes around."