James Taft "Jimmer" Fredette

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Jimmer Fredette was born and raised in Glens Falls, New York to Al and Kay Fredette. From early on the Fredette's knew that they had an athlete in the house. Jimmer's brother TJ (An aspiring rapper) said about Jimmer that, "He was the most determined, competitive four year old I had ever seen." TJ helped train Jimmer for his basketball career since before kindergarden. They would play together on the backyard court even though TJ was 7 years older. From age 5 Jimmer was able to hit 3-Pointers (which is a shot taken from about 21 feet from the rim). TJ told everyone that Jimmer would make the NBA when Jimmer was still 10. TJ wasn't the only family member who helped Jimmer become who he is today. Jimmer's father introduced him to schoolyard competition at age 8 and brought him on road trips to Hartford and New York City for more intense competition. Mr. Fredette also helped coach Jimmer's AAU team (AAU is high level travel basketball). Jimmer's mother built a dribbling studio for Jimmer in the basement for Jimmer to practice his moves. Jimmer's uncle who was a personal trainer started Jimmer on running drills at age 5 and works with Jimmer to this day. Jimmer also has another older sister who was Ms. Teen New York in 1998. Jimmer also learned to play basketball at a jail with his brother. They weren't in jail but they played the inmates of Mount McGregor Correctional Facility. Jimmer said that he learned focus in rough situations from playing there.


At age 18 Jimmer's father converted to Mormon and married his wife who was a Catholic. The Fredette children became Mormons as well because their parents decided to let them choose their religion. Brigham Young University or BYU is the college where Jimmer goes is also a Mormon school.


Jimmer Fredette had an amazing High School Career. So amazing that by the end of his senior year he was the Section II And Glens Falls all time leading scorer and 6th on New Yorks all time scoring list, with 2,404 points! Fredette was ranked in the nations top 75 shooting guards and named first team all state in both his junior and senior year. In his senior year Jimmer led his high school team to the Class A State Championship game where they lost to Peekskill High School. Fortunately basketball season for Jimmer hadn't ended yet. His AAU team, the Albany City Rocks came in 3rd place at the 2006 AAU NAtional Championships. Jimmer was recruited to play college ball from, Utah, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Seton Hall, Marshall, Fordham, Siena, George Mason, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Penn State, and North Carolina State but chose to play at BYU where he had attended a basketball camp the summer before his junior year of high school. Fun Fact: Jimmer was also an All-State Wide Receiver on the football team.

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Jimmer Fredette is mostly known for his senior season at BYU even though he was already a starter in his sophmore year. In his freshman year Jimmer averaged 7 points a game off the bench. In his sophmore year he averaged about 16 pints per game (second most on team) and was named on the First Team All Mountain West Conference. In his junior year he averaged about 22 points per game while setting the BYU record for points in a game (49), he was named the Mountain West Conference Player of the Year and received 5 All-American honors. He then led BYU to the NCAA Tournament (Top 64 teams in the country) and defeated Florida in the first round with 37 points, before losing in the second round. Now here is where the legend of Jimmer is born, his senior season. At the beginning of his senior year Jimmer was named one of the Co-Captains of the team. He ended the regular season of his senior year with the most points in BYU history and Mountain West Conference history, the nations leading scorer with 1068 points and an average of about 29 a game. Jimmer also hit 124 3-pointers that year and once hit 7 in a game. He was known for his NBA 3-pointers (shooting from a few feet beyond the college 3-point line). Jimmer was unanimously voted the All-American Player of the Year and Mountain West Conference Player of the Year. BYU entered the NCAA tournament without their leading rebounder but still managed to make it to the third round/Sweet Sixteen (last 16 teams in tournament) beating Wofford and Gonzaga but losing to Florida. He is projected to be picked in the first round of this years NBA draft.
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Pop Culture

Jimmer was loved by many people for being himself. There are songs about him, shirts about him and even catch phrases. The name Jimmer is now used as a verb. When you shoot from a far distance it's called a "Jimmer", when you score a lot of points it's called "Jimmering."
The most popular songs to hit the web are "Teach Me How to Jimmer" (Which there a shirts for) and his brothers song about him called "Amazing." NBA All-star Kevin Durant tweeted that Jimmer is the best scorer in the world. Jimmer is now dating a BYU cheerleader Whitney Wonnacott
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I think that Jimmer is an inspiring human because he really shows you what can be accomplished with a lot of hard work. He deals with the media well and very well liked. He is the kind of player everyone wants to be, he gives 110% every game is the ultimate leader.