Eminem - 'Till I Collapse (Eminem's Biography)
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Eminem - Curtains Up (Early Life)
On October 17, 1972, the great Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born in Saint Joesph, Missouri. Marshall Mathers will later become the amazingly talented Eminem. Eminem has not died yet and is still living a healthy life, as of now. But at age 17, Marshall dropped out of high school and started joining underground rap battles for fun. He found no point in education, at the time, so he decided to end it for him.


Eminem - On Fire (Early Rap Career)
Eminem was really discovered by Dr. Dre in 1999. But three years before he came out with his Infinite album which wasn't very good, so he wanted a bigger contract with a better recording company. So, he recorded a demo for Dr. Dre and he loved it. But since there weren't many other white rappers at the time, Dr. Dre was taking a huge risk by signing Eminem. But Dr. Dre believed in Eminem, he knew that he would do good. Eminem's first album, which was "The Slim Shady LP," was released February 23,1999. Then, later that year, he won his first Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. Now, Dr. Dre was happy, he knew that if Eminem kept this up, he would go far in life. Which he did.

Eminem - Insane (Later Rap Career)
Eminem's rap career took off from here. In total, so far, Eminem has won 191 different rewards for his music and movie, 8 Mile, which is about his life when he was writing the song, "Lose Yourself." Included in those 191 awards, thirteen of them where Grammy Awards and nine where American Music Awards. On top of that, Eminem has sold over 86.5 million albums worldwide. He is loved my many countries. In the UK alone, he has sold over 12.5 million records. He also has had thirteen number one singles, worldwide. Furthermore, Eminem's Vevo channel on Youtube has over one billion views.

Eminem - Nobody's Perfect (Right now)
´╗┐Eminem is actually a very inspirational person whose songs have meaning to them and are not just about girls and drugs. If you were to look at the lyrics of an Eminem song, and read them aloud, instead of singing them. You would notice that it sounds like a story about a part of Eminem's life, or it would have a message that relates to his daughter or a friend. Eminem is a respected American rapper who likes to rap in a secretive way. He likes to incorporate themes and messages into his lyrics. He would a sing a loud and scary rap, but he would actually be rapping a lullaby to one of his daughters. He is a nice, caring, loving father, who will do anything for his daughters. He is a good man.
Eminem - Curtains Close (The End)


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