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Status: My wife is not only my wife, but my mother too.
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Antigone: We will do as you say father.

Oedipus: I will claw my eyes out, I can not handle this. Girls leave, forget about me, do not marry and have children, do not continue this cure.

Ismene: How could this happen to me?

Oedipus: My wife, my mother, this is so unreal.

Tireisias: Jocasta just hung herself, she commited suicide.

Oedipus: This is true, it is all true. Something is wrong with me!

Jocasta: This can not be happening, this can not.

Chorus: Girls, this is true. You're fathers fate was to kill his father and marry his mother

Ismene: You have got to be kidding me.

Antigone: Is this true father?

Oedipus: Jocasta are you lying to me?

Jocasta: That's crazy, I am not his mother, I am only his wife.

Tireisias: I would not lie to you Oedipus, she is your mother and your wife.

Oedipus: Jocasta is not my mother, she is my childrens mother, and my wife.

Tireisias: Hey, Oedipus! Did you know that Jocasta is your wife and your mother?
Character Bio:
My name Is Oedipus and I am married to Jocasta. We have four kids two girls and two boys. My two sons are Polynices and Eteocles. My two daughters are Antigone and Ismene. I live in Thebes and I am the king there. I am very intelligent and I am good at solving riddles. I saved the city of Thebes and was made its king by solving the riddle of the Sphinx, the supernatural being that had held the city captive.I am 32 years old and my Birthday is March 27, 1980. I was born in Thebes but I was raised in Corinth. I moved back to Thebes as I got older. My father is King Polybus and my mother is Queen Merope.
Employer & Education:
President of the United States
University of Georgia
Marital Status:
Married to Jocasta
Going to horse shows, traveling around the world, and meeting royal families.

Royalty, family, books, music, and banquets.

About me:
I am a very loyal person. I enjoy spending time with my family, they mean everything to me. I am the president of the United States and I will serve my people.


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Fan Pages-
Oedipus is a fan of: Prince William, Queen Elizabeth, Michelle and Barack Obama, Beethoven,Cee Lo Green, Michael Jackson, Etta James, Lyfe Jennings, The novel Kings and Queens, The novel The virgins lover, The novel The Queens fool, And so much more.