By; Tieuna Danisa Mae Kayla

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Status: Oh Oedipus, will you ever learn?


aLLHAiLKiNgCREON!34 I hate her sooo much...she really doesn't deserve my son!
OedipusPassion125 Thinking about leaving this place for good....hmu
Hercules513 Dude im sooooo....hungry ritee now
2smexii4Zeus Uhm.....I think i gained a few pounds IM GETING ANGRY!!
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Character Bio:

Basic Information;

Sex: Male (most of the time anyway)
Birthday: October 31, 100 BC
How I Died:after drinking water from the tainted spring Tilphussa
Religious Views: Polytheistic

Personal Information:

Activities: I go around and ruin Kings' lives with my prophecies. Knitting!
Interests: Crossdressing with Cadmus to worship dionysus, horseback riding,
Favorite Music: The lute, Enya
Favorite TV show: The Bold and the Beautiful, The Young and the Restless, and As The World Turns
Favorite Movies: The Notebook, Aquamarine, Father of the Bride, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Failure to Launch
Favorite Books: Little women, Robin Hood, Winnie the Pooh Romance Novels.
Favorite Quotations:"This is the way the blind man comes, princes, princes, Lockstep two heads lit by the eyes of one" "The only crime is pride" "Give in to the dead man, then: do not fight with a corpse-- What glory is it to kill a man who is dead?" "You are sick, Creon! You are deathly sick!" "The generation of Kings has always loved brass"
There is a lot I can say about myself. I am the son of Everes and Chariclo (Nymph, cool huh?) There is a lot of rumors going around about how i went blind. One story was that I was punished for revealing the secrets of the Gods. Second story was that I ticked Hera off for saying women enjoyed sex more than men. Third story, Athena struck me blind when I saw her naked. But my mommy is kinda protective so she begged Athena to return my sight. Athena flat out said no. But she did clean out my ears so I could understand the birds. So which story is true? I'll let you think about it! I am the prophet for the God Apollo. I get summoned or I come when I know something bad is going to happen, but the problem to that is not all of them believe it. I got betta things to do. So peace out!
Five Things about me: I enjoy singing with the birdies. My mommy is a nymph. I made Hera mad because I hit two snakes fighting so she turned me into a woman for seven years. I had children while being a woman. I'm not a very serious person.
Five favorite sayings: "All is fair in love and war" "Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn" "Carve your name into hearts not marble" "Keep your head up" "Anger is the fluid love bleeds when you cut it"
Home Town:
Current Residence:Thebes
Employer & Education:
Occupation:Blind Prophet.
Marital Status:
Single and Forever alone (Well, no one is really interested in a man who was a woman. Even if it was only for seven years)
My Friends:

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