This will be a very different approach to vocabulary because we are going to learn new words by using them in this wiki. Here is a model page

Directions (read carefully)
1. Click on the word you were assigned.
2. Make a wiki page on the word that uses all of the tasks below.

The Tasks

Start by writing your first name and last initial to receive proper credit.

A. First, state the word by writing: "The word is "and also provide the pronunciation of the word in parenthesis by using this pronunciation key.

B. Then write a sentence that uses that word.

C. Using either an online dictionary or a book, look up and add the definitions for the word. (Pick the meaning that most closely matches the context of the word in the sentence.) Make sure to give the source.

D. Find a picture that illlustrates the vocab word and upload it. Make sure to give the source.

E. Find 3 synonyms and 3 antonyms for the word. Give the source.

F. Write a paragraph connecting the word to something you have actually experienced. Be sure to use the word and lots of detail.

G. Explain how the word connects to a book or movie you have seen. Be sure to use the word and lots of detail to explain.

H. Find the word in print (book, magazine, article, Internet, comic book, etc.). Type the sentence the word appears in along with the details of where you found it. If you know how, scan it in and post it on the page. Explain how the word is used.