I found a school district with step-by-step tutorial videos. Just click on the links to view.

Click on this link to view a helpful tutorial on how to insert images and files into your wiki page.

Want to create a link to another page that is not in your Wiki? Click on this link to find out how.

Wiki Writing Directions


1) Click on the "Edit" button

IMPORTANT! Scroll down and put the cursor in an empty line below the last entry of text. You could delete what others wrote if you do not do this step!

3) Type away and add your name (first names only if you are a student, please)!

Click on the save button when you are all done. Don't worry if you make a mistake after you push save. You can always go back in and edit your work.

Wiki Writing Policy

Although some of you may use Instant Messaging or other forms of electronic “talk,” I want to establish some guidelines for using this wiki site right from the start because I view this site as a digital extension of our classroom.

This means that any rules o r expectations I have for you in the classroom are the same rules and expectations I have for you here in Cyberspace, with one main exception:
Do Not Use Your Last Name on the Blog or Wiki.

*First of all, be aware that I will be able to identify you through your log-in information (I have the software available to do so). So think carefully about what you write and how you write.

*Second, be respectful. So, try not to write anything that would make people frightened, angry, upset or embarrassed. It’s ok to ask thoughtful questions, even on sensitive subjects, but do so in tactful, polite manner.

*Third, keep it clean! Avoid swears and other topics that are inappropriate in a classroom setting. (Remember,this wiki is an extension of our classroom).

*Finally, if in doubt about writing what you’re thinking, leave it out!

If you have any questions/concerns please let me know right away.

~Ms. Meza


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