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e e cummings is known for his romantic poetry. He was born on October 14th, 1894 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His family was well known in cambridge, his mother introduced him to the joys of writing. When he was a child he loved to play outdoors and wrote constantly. He loved to sketch it was one of his main hobbies. He also liked long walks. He was intelligent and bright. He thought that puncuation was a waste of his time. When he got older love influenced his poetry alot because he is always writing about a woman and his feelings towards her. He gratuated from Harvard in 1915,a then then got his advanced degree from Harvard in 1916. After graduating he decided to become an ambulence driver in France, before World War 1 started. For 3 months he was imprisoned because of suspion holding views critical of the French war efforts.This influnced his wrting and lead to his first book The Enormous Room(1922). His first volume of poems was called Tulips and Chimneys(1923), which was followed by a second volume to years later. In 1925 he recieved a Dial Award.Ten years down the road he wrote two more volumes of his poems Is 5(1926) and W(ViVa;1931). Which he he had to publish at his own expense. he also published many more poems down the road.

In the poem since feeling is first e e cummings says how you should listen to your heart before your mind. When e e cummings says "While spring is in the world" he is saying that while love,youth and happiness is still in the world. In the poem he also says "for life is not a paragraph" he means that life is a whole story and not just a few sentences. In the next line he says "And death I think is no parenthesis" which means that Death can not be inclosed by parenthesis because our spirits live on beyond death. I enjoyed this poem and it gave a positive feeling because it was about how life is long and an adventure and death isn't the end.I can connect to this poem because I also think that death isn't the end. This poem was also about romance because e e cummings was a big fan of romance and always wrote about it. e e cummings didn't use punctuation in any of his poems because he believed it was a waste of time.

Since Feeling is First
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The love poem by e e cummings i carry your heart with me is a love story that tells the woman he loves that no matter where he is or how far away he is, her heart willl alyway be with him. The poem also sends a positive message, people who are in love should share the common bound of a heart. "unless you love someone, nothing makes sense."- e e cumming. this quote shows how e e cummings thought. he believd that love stopped the world, and one of the greatest works of love is poetry its self. The poem is mainly about deep, profound love the kind that can keep the stars apart and that can transcend the soul or the mind.This poem could almost me a sonet, because it has the right amount of lines and the perfect wording for all ages to understand. To me some of e e cummings work reminds me of my all time favorite writer, William Shakespeare, both of there work is about love lost and love found. Their words have touched the lives of many and kept the world of poetry revolving. e e cummings style of writing was free verse, he felt that puncuation was a waste of time and never used it.
for example:
Tulips and Chimneys (1923)
& (1925)
XLI Poems (1925)
ViVa (1931)
No Thanks (1935)
Tom (1935)
1/20 (1936)
Fifty Poems (1941)
1 x 1 (1944)
Xaipe: Seventy-One Poems (1950)
Ninety-five Poems (1958)
73 Poems (1962)
Complete Poems (1991)

The Enormous Room (1922)
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i carry your heart with me video explains the true meaning of the poem and reads the poem aloud to you so you can fully undestand the meaning of the text.
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e e cummings spent the last 10 years of his life traveling around the world and spending time in his summer home. On september 3, 1962 e e cummings pased away in a Noth conway, New Hampshire due to a stroke at the age of 67. His remains were cremated and he was buried in lot 748 in Boston. The loss of such a great poet was very hard for many people, but the memory of his long life and many great poems will always be engraved in our hearts forever.
external image 220px-EECummingsGrave.jpglife is more true than reason will deceive show how much life ment to e e cummings.

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