25528_1253780509289.jpgWhat are the possibilities for sharing this space? With your help, I would love to find out.

Join and let's share and create.


- if you think we need a new rule, benefit, penalty, etc., post it under the suggestions page.


  1. If you are a leader, I expect you to shine here!!!!
  2. Make sure all of your posts and comments are appropriate for an educational site.
    • Since this is an educational forum all discussion is monitored and inappropriate remarks will be policed.
  3. Make sure all of your posts and comments are constructive and NOT destructive.
  4. When you post, if you use your name at all, only use your first name, the first initial of your last name, and period number to protect your privacy. If you don't, I will. (Example: Abby A. - p.7).
  5. For the sake of avoiding confusion and chaos, let's use the following guidelines:
    • Put a line after your addition to a page - see icon next to bullets - just to help separate additions.
    • For the class wikipages, everyone may edit, but only add - DO NOT delete. If you want to make suggestions or comments use the discussion forum at the top of each page.
    • For the student pages, student groups may create their own pages on major topics to be discussed in class (like poetry, themes in literature, pressures of high school, family versus friends, peer pressure, etc.) or authors (like Shakespeare, Hemingway, etc.) on which anyone may discuss, but be courteous. ONLY group members should edit the page while anybody can be part of the discussion.
  6. Email me (maria.meza@cowetaschools.org) or speak with me directly if you have a specific problem you don't want to make public.
  7. We'll make the rest up as we go.

Benefits for Responsible Participation:

  • Being a pioneer in the use of educational technology.
  • Experience for future computer-based learning, classrooms, and jobs.
  • Invaluable collaboration with your peers including:
  • demonstrating knowledge through publishing your own research,
  • sharing group project ideas,
  • group studying for an exam,
  • asking and answering questions about classwork,
  • peer editing,
  • encouraging each other's creativity, and
  • so much more !!!!!!

Penalties for Vandals

(Vandalism includes malicious, unapproved, and/or inappropriate editing, posting, and/or commenting):
  • Severe grading penalties
  • Appropriate school action if applicable
  • Removal from member list to this site.
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How do I join?

  1. No worries - I have already assigned you a user name and password.
  2. Your user name is your first name and your student i.d. number. Your password is 999lastname.